3 Reasons to Invest in Rubber Wedge Door Stops

Mankind has been inventing devices to hold doors open almost since the first doorways were created. Original versions were crude and often as simple as stones or bricks. However, early versions often damaged doors and lead stops were actually toxic. Over time manufacturers began offering more sensible options and today rubber wedge Door stops are some of the most common. They are small, versatile and budget friendly.

Adaptable Rubber Stops Protect Surfaces

Many homeowners use rubber stops because they can be adapted for several uses without harming doors, walls or flooring. The most common stops are 1.9 inches high, 6.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Their size makes them ideal for office, shop, school and home doors. They work equally well on carpeting and hard flooring surfaces. Most are black, although it is possible to find stops in other colors. Because they have a simple wedge shape, it is easy to fit them under doors of various sizes. Stops prevent doorknobs from damaging walls. Since well-made stops are portable and do not mar flooring surfaces they are popular with home renters.

Stops Act as Extra Security

Simple rubber stops can increase home safety and security. They will stop doors from slamming shut on children and animals. They will also make it harder to open doors from the inside or out. Many people use the rubber wedges to hold doors open when bringing in groceries or moving furniture in or out. Stops prevent doors from slamming on windy days. That not only prevents scary, loud noises but can prevent the glass in some doors from breaking.

Rubber Wedge Stops Are Affordable

For all of their usefulness, rubber door wedges are affordable and easy to order. Sites like Amazon.com sell them in money-saving 3 packs and offer additional discounts for multiple orders. Trusted retailers offer stops that are made from high quality materials and include lifetime warranties.

Small rubber wedges designed to secure doors are very popular because they can be adapted for many uses. Clients often use them to prevent doors from slamming on children and pets and to keep doorknobs from harming walls. Stops are also affordable and available at major online sellers.