4 Tips for Working With an Executive Staffing Agency

For start-ups and established businesses alike, hiring decisions can make the difference between failure and success. While founders and early employees may find each other naturally, it is rarely the same for executives. Below are several tips on forming an effective relationship with an executive Staffing agency.

See it as a Partnership

Many entrepreneurs and start-up owners make the mistake of thinking that the hard work is over once they hire a search firm. However, executive recruitment is not easy to outsource, and it can still take up a significant amount of the owner or manager’s time. The more time a manager spends on a search, the more likely it is that the hiring process will be successful.

Look to the Future

Before consulting a recruiter, the owner or manager must clearly define the type of executive they’re looking for. By looking into the future and setting some goals, managers can put together an effective position profile. It’s important to consider the company’s current stage and its future goals, as it can lessen the risk of passing up a great candidate.

Find the Right Process and the Right Person

Any recruiter can provide a list of companies with which they’ve worked, but owners and managers should know more. It’s important to choose a recruiter whose search processes match the company’s philosophy and goals. Recruiters should demonstrate knowledge of the search process, and they should be willing to walk clients through it. If a particular recruiter isn’t willing to offer step-by-step guidance, it may be time to take the search elsewhere.

Get Real References

Once there’s a short list of candidates, managers should check each person’s references. This process can be tricky, but certain tips can help. Look for critical comments, as it shows that the reference is offering an unbiased opinion. Managers should look for a complete picture of each candidate, and balanced references can provide it.

As shown here, executive searches can be difficult. However, with the right focus, preparation, and execution, a search can have great results. When the offer, closing, and onboarding processes are handled properly, it ensures a smooth transition.