FxTrade 777 Gold, Platinum, or Standard

Before the 1970’s foreign exchange was reserved for multinationals and people who traveled or traded with other countries. As the demand for foreign currencies grew companies and individuals expressed interest in forex trade. Today, thanks to technology you can also partake in trading at the comfort of your home. Forex trading is an alternative method of earning income and increasing your knowledge in international trade.


FxTrade777 is a company that devotes its resources to enable seasoned traders and beginners take advantage of the gains realized in trading. Through their website FxTrade777.com, you can access services such as accounts opening, trading advice through the trading academy, publications and statistics, customer support, different trading platforms and deposits and withdrawals. You can reach their support center via calls, live chats, and email. The company offers services in over six different languages. The trading Academy provides expert tutorials, on-demand e-books, and one to one advice.


The different trading options available at FxTrade777.com include forex, bonds, indices trading, commodities, and contracts for difference. You can trade in currencies from Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, and the USA among others. The commodities market includes natural gas, wheat, precious metals like platinum, silver, and gold, and crude oil.


FxTrade 777 utilizes the MetaTrader 4 platform that is available on desktops, mobiles, and the web. The MT4 charts, analysis, and statistics can broaden your knowledge online trading. The platform also provides insights on what to trade based on the data available. Using the MT4 platform, you can complete transactions quickly and conveniently.


There are six accounts named VIP, Standard, Gold, Micro, Platinum, and Mini that Fx Trade 777 traders can select. Your choice depends on your initial investment, preference and the objective of trading. The mini account requires investments of about 500 dollars. If you are new in trading, you can begin with the mini account as it allows you to learn and trade at the lowest risk. You can trade in currencies as well as other goods such as gold. It will take you three to five business days to withdraw from this account. The mini account has a fixed spread with no spread discount. You will receive customer support for six days, 24 hours a day. However, mini account holders are not entitled to have an account manager. The bonus for the mini range between 25% to 35%.


FxTrade 777’s Classic plan, also the standard account requires you to spend up to 1000 dollars. Just like the mini account, it has a fixed spread with no spread discount. Withdrawals will mature after three to five days. The standard accounts bonuses are up to 40%. Also, the standard account holder gets an account manager.


With the Gold account, more business transactions options are available, and you invest up to 5000 dollars. The company offers a spread discount, and the withdrawal process is two to three business days. A gold account holder can earn a bonus up to 50% and gets an account manager.


For the platinum account, you are required to invest $10,000. The withdrawal process is similar to the gold account but with no fixed spread discount. The bonus for this account is up to 5000 dollars. Fx Trade 777 also provides an account manager for the platinum account.


With the VIP account, you can earn up to 100% bonus. The initial investment for VIP is $ 25,000. It takes up to two days to withdraw from the account, and it has a spread discount for the fixed spread. The company assigns an account manager.

Like any other investment always do your research before deciding to tie your money.