TradeX1 the Traders Choice

History and Mission

TradeX1 is an online trading company that offers the current state- of-the-art technological instruments and tools for its trading program, which is global. These include online trade platforms, data analysis software, and stock charting tools. The platform was established by business and market professionals, who had the mission of buying a profitable wealthy online trading environment in the globe.

Support Team and Account Managers

The company has a highly skilled support team that serves many individuals across the globe. They use multiple languages to ensure that they reach as many people as they can all over the world. The team works six days in a week and is available on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, the support is trained both in the market and business issues as well as on how best to handle customers. They can be reached via phone, email, or live chat.

The account manager is also highly skilled and they have a good track record for serving the clients expectations and trading needs over the years. The team mainly focuses on the newest trends in trading to keep the customers informed and help them draw the most out of every opportunity. You can be sure to get all the answers from the account manager team in the company.

Types of Accounts

  1. Standard Account

Trade X1 standard account is appropriate for customers, who desire to start with a balanced perspective on all their trading. The account offers traditional and mobile trading models, and one may discover that their initial investment has grown substantially over the years upon using the account. Some of the common choices of instruments include indices, commodities, forex, and stocks. Forex allows few foreign currencies in the account, especially the JPY, USD, GBD, EUR among few others. You should seek advice on how to trade on these market varieties and use market signals when possible.

  1. Silver account

The silver account has also gained popularity with the rise in the perception of the commodities as a trading instrument. Precious metals have become an only option for many people in the trading market; silver is at the top of the list. Albeit purchasing silver directly was prohibited in the past, it has now become a common practice and many traders have opted to do it. The traders find silver preferable since its value lies between that of gold and copper.

A silver account gives you access to many unique resources. All you need is to open a silver account and deposit the required initial deposit. From there you need to get accustomed to the support assistance in The silver account tracks the values of commodities. The withdraw option is used to take funds into the bank account. The above depletes the commodities that are in the store but generates revenue from the money.

iii. Gold account

TradeX1 also encourages the opening of gold accounts among its users for trading purposes. This type of account makes it possible for multinational trade to be conducted easily. As a trader, you are advised to start with a demo account before opening the real account. A gold account holder has more advantages than other account holders because they get good customer care service representatives, who advise them how and when they need to trade. The gold account is also flexible, allowing its users to use any monetary denomination they chose including yens and shillings. The traders with the account can, therefore, trade in any section of the world.

VIP Account

This account is meant for the traders with the lowest bargain of 0.1. The benefits of the trader increases if the users decide to put more into their transaction. is the email you need to use to get more information about the VIP advantages.