Where to Shop in Lombok Island

Where to Shop in Lombok Island shopping possible defies the mass generated flow of goods many people have come to associate with contemporary consumer culture. Pottery, basket weaving, and textiles are the three main crafts made in Lombok. This is a place where visitors should take benefit of local handmade, top quality and unique products. Highly skilled artisans create jaw-droppingly skillful furniture, garments, and jewelry, the type of material you won’t find too frequently on anyone else’s mantelpiece or in wardrobes back home. Painstaking work goes into the creation of those products, with minimal compromise on the quality of the product.


Eye-watering cost tags are few and far between so basically you may pay less for more. As when in any foreign port of call, an excellent way to get at grips with the company around you will be to venture down to local industry. The island is full of shops selling different clothes, furniture, crafts, and jewelry. Keeping with the romantic theme of the island, pearls are available in abundance. Jewelry Lombok is a heart for jewelry production. The beauty of pearls is that you need not go in search for them, they walk straight up to you.

Beach sellers carry trays of pearls, in different shapes and sizes across the virgin regions of the island. Lombok is the best known for creating the freshwater pearl. In case you’d prefer to receive a receipt with your purchase, then you will find around 15 pearl firms here, mainly dealing in wholesale. Coral pieces can be purchased on the beach or in one of the very few jewelry stores around the island. If you desire a personal reminder of the time in Lombok, then just a tiny accessory could be just a way to do it. M & L Pearl Shop Pearl, jewelry, gifts Address: Jl. Raya Senggigi Lombok.

Pottery and Figurines it isn’t strange for potters from the west to call their stores or brands, Lombok. The pottery created in this area of the world is hugely considered for its intricate markings and creativity. The method of producing these pieces is a long one, one where hours have been applied to the creation of those handmade crafts. Penujak, Banyumulek, and Masbagik are the three main cities for design, each with their very own unique style and creative process. The rise in demand for Pottery from Lombok over latest years can be accounted for by its flexibility and capability to fuse with materials like bamboo, rattan and several other home friendly textures.

Lombok Pottery Center 10km to the south of Lombok’s capital city of Lombok lies the village of Banyumulek. Here, potters produce a fantastic variety of earthenware utilized for many purposes, such as tools for planning and serving of food and home ornaments. Address: Jl. Sriwijaya No. 111A, Mataram, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat.